My to-don’t List

A to-don’t list is just as important as a to-do list.Time-suck activities leave me feeling icky, like I need a good brain scrubbing afterward. Things like checking email every five minutes, or getting lost in a never-ending-blog-reading frenzy. An hour or two goes by and I haven’t inched forward in any of the important things. The big picture things.

Every day I try to do small things that move my life and business toward my big picture goals.

So when time-suck activities get in the way, I get really cranky. That’s when I had the idea to make a to-don’t list.


What would you add to your to-don’t list?
  1. I love all of these! I definitely need to make some changes!

    • The fun part is making a list. There’s something about putting it down on paper that inspires things to happen.