Passion Printables

Over the past year, you’ve inspired me to create work that I’m proud of, and for your support I’d like to say THANK YOU.

With this monthly printable series, you’ve invited me into your lives to share my thoughts on gratitude, love, curiosity, creativity and pursuing our passions. What once was only referred to as my monthly printable series will now be more appropriately called Passion Printables.

I’d like to celebrate this fresh start with December’s Passion Printable:

This printable is now available for purchase as part of the Passion Printable Collection.

  1. Thanks for these printables, can I say how much I am loving my 2013 End of Year Reflection and Daily Gratitude printables! Thanks a million :)


  2. Carey – so glad you are enjoying them! The daily gratitude printable is one of my personal favorites.