Our Rustic Chic Wedding: The Cake

It’s been almost 5 weeks since we got hitched. Looking through the pictures is like experiencing all the details in slow motion, since the actual day felt like a whirlwind.

We’d like to share our favorite wedding details with you, starting with THE CAKE.

Our friend Melanie makes cakes. Sure, sure, lots of people make cakes, but her cakes will knock you on your bum. They’re that good.

I knew I wanted a white cake. Simple, beautiful and modern. But Ryan and I are sneaky and the inside of the cake had funfetti sprinkles – business on the outside, party on the inside.

The rose was inspired by my middle name – Rose, named after my grandma.

And our wedding wouldn’t be “rustic chic” without a country barn backdrop, burlap, a crystal chandelier and wild flowers.

Event planners: Krystle and Ryan (DIY) / Theme: Rustic Chic Venue: Ryan’s parent’s backyard Cake: Our talented friend Melanie from Cakebox / Photographers: More talented friends, Steve and Monique