One thing we can all work on

Hey! How are you? Good. Me too.

It’s easier to say “I’m good.”

“I’m good” avoids being vulnerable.
“I’m good” is quick and painless.

But not really.

It can be incredibly painful when you’re not actually good.

I find myself doing this because I’m afraid of burdening you with my struggles. Why bring you down when I can bottle it all up?

Putting that into words makes me cringe, because the truth is:

I’m worthy of your time, energy and attention.
You’re worthy of my time, energy and attention.

So, how do we practice this in our daily lives?

In my latest Happy Muse Letter I invited my subscribers to reply if they needed a pep talk. And that’s all it took for people to open up.

We’re all just hoping for an invitation to share.

A tiny nudge.

Nudge away.

– – –

Painting by Monica Lee.