On a Mission (Statement)

I rewrote my mission statement close to 50 times. 

My first attempt was wordy, unfocused and in desperate need of “oomph.” How difficult could it be to describe the purpose, dreams and ambitions of my business? Briefly? In a memorable snippet of awesome …What if I wrote myself into a corner? Could I hold my business back by being too specific? Yes.

For example, my first Paper Fort product is for girls, ages seven to twelve. If I wrote my mission statement, with only this product in mind, it might say something like:

To inspire young girls to express themselves creatively through writing and drawing.

This mission is limiting. I would only be allowed to create products for young girls that encouraged writing and drawing. If this was my small, niche market then I’d be good to go.

My current mission statement:

To inspire adventure, curiosity and creativity in everything I make.

Every business decision goes head-to-head with, “Does it follow my mission?” It’s a good way to weed out projects that don’t fit with my big-picture goals.

If you have a creative business and are unsure of your vision, or it’s changed, it might be time to revisit your mission statement. Don’t be afraid to rewrite it. And, most importantly, show it off when it’s ready.

Make your Mission Statement the Center of Attention
• Tape it on your wall as a daily reminder.
• Incorporate it into your social media profiles.
• Create a desktop background with your mission.
• Include it in your elevator pitch.
• Add it to your Bio and About pages.

How did you write your mission statement? Any tips?

  1. Great post! You inspired me to write my own personal mission statement. Its critical in a business to have a mission statement, but I think it can really motivate you if you work for someone else’s business to have a personal mission within your work. Perhaps one of my favorite personal mission statements is from someone both Krystle and I know. She works for a children’s hospital in their marketing department and hers is: “To help the parents whose child’s life depend on us, find us”. It helps to keep things in perspective to always have the bigger picture in mind. Thanks for sharing – love how Paper Fort is always inspiring (and look how well that fits within your mission statement). :)

    • I totally agree Kari. A lot of people are inspired by empowering quotes (me included) but having a mission statement is a way to inspire yourself to reach your own personal, big picture, mission. Thanks! :)