Natural light

This week I appreciated the simple beauty of natural light. Michigan winters are layers of gray with a spritz of gloom, but this week the sun has shown up.

I’m going shopping for my wedding dress on Saturday. I’ve already fallen in love with this one but I thought my mom could use a shopping day with her one-hour-in-public-and-I’m-cranky daughter.

Anyone else on Bloglovin? I read this post by Breanna and decided to sign up. Follow my blog with Bloglovin.

  1. I keep hearing about Bloglovin and I think I’ll give it a try. The dress you’ve fallen in love with looks divine. I gave my mom a shopping day too – didn’t want to deprive her of the moment.

  2. I thought I wanted a short dress since it’s a backyard wedding, but I found a grecian fairy princess dress (not big and poofy) when I was shopping with my mom and aunt. Glad I kept an open mind.