My So-Called Emoji Life

I noticed that my recently used Emoji screen is an insightful peek into my life. Pizza, poop, banana, skull – yup, that about covers it. Anyone else use the kissy face way too much?

We moved this past weekend. Rewind a year ago when I said I’d never move right after I got married because it’s too much back-to-back stress. I should have followed my own advice because this has been *poop face* plus *skull face* followed by *monster face* (for added effect).

Great things about our new townhome rental:

• It has a two-car garage – split between our one car and my future workshop.
• The basement is the new litter box/storage room. (YES!)
• Our complex has a heated pool and gym.
• 2.5 bathrooms – I’m still confused as to where to keep my toothbrush.
• Regular-sized appliances.
• Washer and dryer upstairs.
• “Fake” wood floors on the main level. Carpet grosses me out so this is a big plus.
• A private rooftop deck connected to my office. Hello, potential garden space.

As much as I feel *stressed face* right now, I am so thankful for this move because it means a fresh start. Not just physically, but mentally this is what I needed. Although I’d love to find my dream farm on a beautiful plot of land, renting feels right (for now).

*flying money*

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  1. your townhome sounds amazing! private deck garden on your office? yes, please. so dreamy. best of luck getting settled!

    • We held out for a unit with the rooftop deck. If we’re not going to have a yard this was the best compromise. I can’t wait to grow tomatoes next year!