Making Things Happen Planner

paperfort_july_2paperfort_july_3I know there are lots of beautifully designed to-do apps out there, but I’m old school. I prefer writing things down and checking them off as I go.

If you’re like me, you’ll be geeked about this month’s printable.

Update: Passion Printables are available for purchase upon requestVisit our productivity shop for more resources designed to inspire a productive life and a happy muse.

  1. are you hacking my browsing history? how did you know I was looking for something JUST LIKE this? thanks Krystle! you da bomb.

  2. Hey! I signed up, but I just got the travel calendar. I really wanted to try to Making Things Happen Planner.

  3. Akilah – you should be getting another email within an hour of signing up with the planner printable.