Light needs darkness as a way to mark her growth.

“Light needs darkness as a way to mark her growth.”

This was originally from a poem I wrote about the changing seasons in Michigan, but this particular line has been stuck in my head lately.

I had a hard cry a couple nights ago.

It feels important for me to share this because I don’t want to give you the impression that every moment is happy, and lovely and bright.

We all live through darkness.

Instead of trying to distract myself and “forget” about the pain, I decided to try something new this time.

I started making a list.

What I know:

I’m worthy of happiness.
I’m worthy of love.
I afraid to be vulnerable, but I’m more afraid not to be.
I’m kind.
I’m thoughtful.

And it helped.

I felt less stormy. Calm, even.

The darkness will return, it always does, but now I can return to this list, add to it and be reminded of all the things I already know.