Launching head first

Seven months ago I was an ad agency art director. I was good at my job and enjoyed the people I worked with. I made enough money to take fabulous vacations and shop at Whole Foods, so overall it appeared that I had it made.

How did I know it was time to leave my full-time job and pursue my own thing? 
Truth is, I didn’t know for sure. I obsessed over it for months and eventually developed a bad case of anxiety. There were moments when I’d burst into tears for no reason. My brain flip-flopped daily over my decision. I started making lists and drawing diagrams to try and sort through things.It would have been easier to give in to the daily grind. To say, “Oh well. Maybe I’ll be ready in a few years.”

What finally convinced me to leave was making the decision to stay. 
I said those exact words to myself (“oh well”) and they left me feeling like an empty container. If I stayed, I could never give it my all.Sounds like a break-up letter, but in a way it was.
I was leaving something cozy to walk out into the snowy unknown. And without a coat! I had notebooks full of ideas for businesses, products and services, but I didn’t know FOR SURE what my plan was. Even if I had, it would have changed.

When you’re given an infinite amount of time to sit and reflect, you learn a lot about yourself. 
The first month on my own was all about organizing ideas and developing a brand, just to turn around and torch it and start fresh. (More on that later.)So in the days before my first product launches, I’m feeling reflective and, most of all, thankful. Thankful I followed my intuition. Thankful I trusted myself. For the first time in my life, I’m calling all the shots and rediscovering the woman / designer / artist / adventurer that I’ve always been.
  1. This was an incredible post to read, I can relate so much to you. I type this as I sit at my day job… not here at all.

    • That was the worst part for me. Sitting in my chair at work and not “feeling” anything except the desire to leave. When things were busy I was able to distract myself well enough to get through the days, but the slow days were absolute torture.

      I feel for you, Angela. But know that there’s something bigger and more passionate out there for you. Start taking baby steps each day to get closer to your dreams. It’s a long journey, and it won’t be easy, but you can get there.