Illustration for Paper & Honey

Laura won my kick-ass about page illustration giveaway and happily signed on to be my test subject as I worked through my new illustration process.

Bwahaha, brave soul!

Together, we conceptualized a piece that beamed personality and meaning, blended with her current brand and was a ton of fun to illustrate.

“After humming and hawing about making an about page for my website, I was lucky enough to win an illustration from Krystle for that exact purpose. I’d been crushing on her work for a few months and was thrilled at the idea of having a piece of it for my own! Working with her was fun and easy – she was able to capture my personality and my little business into one vibrant and sassy image that says me (literally) all over it. 

I’m pretty sure I gasped audibly the first time I saw it and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t immediately set it as my computer background. Would printing it out and framing it across my bed be too much? Maybe? Because that’s how much I love it. Thanks for everything, Krystle!”

–Laura Huston Joseph, Paper & Honey

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