How to finally get started on your passion project.

Last week, you learned what questions to ask to help you prioritize your daily to-do list. But how do you get started on your passion projects when you feel like you don’t have any extra time?

Some of the most important things in a creative’s life are those passion projects that nobody’s asking for. As creatives, we often push aside these projects because we aren’t sure where to start. Given this uncertainty, we allow tasky things to overrun our to-do lists – because we know how to execute these.

Try this:

  • Set a deadline for your passion project. Why? Because you’ll start taking it seriously.
  • Break down your passion project into smaller action steps.
  • Dedicate creative time each week to working through your action step list.

Bonus tip: Schedule periodic “check-ins” to ensure your overall deadline still works – adjusting as needed.

Ultimately, making regular time for your passion project will make your muse happy. And when your muse is happy, you’ll be more inspired in all aspects of your life.

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