I’m afraid of my day job.

I wake up every morning around 6 a.m. I pick out my most inconspicuous sweater, and I put on my trusty black dress pants. I chug a coffee or two before I head out the door and hope I have remembered my lunch. At 7 a.m., I start my hour long (on a good day) drive into my day job. I arrive at work around 8 a.m. I do my work, and I go home at 4 p.m.I get home around 5 p.m. I face the inevitable Dinner Debacle, and so my evening begins.I hustle in the evenings. About three months ago I started my design business, Humble Happy. It’s been a rocky start, to say the least. Just last week, I had a breakthrough after hiring Amanda Genther to find my Sweet Spot.

Turns out my perfect client is a lot like me. She dreams of escaping the 9-5 world (in my case 8-4), and she has an idea for her dream business. She is just getting started. She has bills and debt. She has a fear. She is deathly afraid to wake up in 10 years at 6 a.m. to pick out an inconspicuous sweater and put on a larger size of her trusty black dress pants and work at her day job.So, what has me so afraid of my day job? It is comfortable, mundane and predictable. But I dream of making a difference. I dream of working with businesses and people I admire and believe in.

I was afraid that working my day job while hustling my dream business made me less of a business owner than women who had already left the 9-5 world and had transformed into the mavens I admire.

**NEWS FLASH** It doesn’t.I know there are a lot of ladies out there just like me that keep evening and weekend office hours at their dream business. I will one day leave my day job, but not today. There will always be a part of me that fears I will be stuck there, but fear can be a powerful motivator. I encourage myself and others to understand our fears and use them to serve our dreams.Onward day job divas, we got this.

Angela Burns is a graphic designer with a figure-it-out attitude. She works with businesses that break the status quo and friggin’ rock.You can follow Angela on Facebook, Twitter and her site, Humble Happy.

Fear Confessions is a series of essays by creatives who share personal stories about facing their fears. It’s a celebration of vulnerability.

  1. i’m always afraid people think that my night time hustling is a hobby… but we have to start somewhere, right?! great post, anglea!

  2. LOVE this, Angela. I’m working my way to escaping the day job and sometimes I just want to give up. It’s tiring! But that fear of being stuck at a job that I don’t feel passionate about get’s me fired back up.

  3. When I first started my business, I was trying to act like I had already “escaped my day job”, like it was something to be ashamed of. That lack of honesty with myself and with my business was really holding me back. I have a lot of changes coming to my website, business, and offerings that are really going to be honest, make my business more transparent. I feel like that is really going to resonate with people and I think I will be able to help so many more women do the same thing… I am pretty excited :) thanks for all the support!