I’m afraid of torrential downpours (the creative kind).

This is one of many Fear Confessions in which creatives share personal stories about facing their fears. Let’s celebrate vulnerability with Cassie Pyle as she shares her fear of torrential downpours (the creative kind).

If you know me on a more personal level, you’ll know that I frequently talk about missing my calling to be a professional (paid) storm chaser. I’ve always loved watching thunderstorms roll in and secretly hope I get to experience the beauty of a mid-western tornado…only if no one is hurt in the process. Knowing this, it might be peculiar to read that I’m afraid of torrential downpours. How silly is that!

I should clarify a few things. When I’m talking about downpours, I’m referencing the phrase “when it rains, it pours.” I should also note that we aren’t talking about a delightful rain shower here, we’re talking about the “when it rains, it pours in a bad flood kind of way that destroys everything you’ve been building…” kind of sprinkle.

As a freelance designer, I jumped into this career knowing perfectly well that the job title comes with a lot of uncertainty. I’m constantly terrified that the struggles of running my own business will evolve into something I can’t keep grasp of. I’m afraid that if I lose one client due to budget conflicts, that I’ll lose ALL my clients to budget conflicts. I’m afraid that if I am unable to regain inspiration for an upcoming project, that I’ll lose my inspiration for everything future project. I’m afraid that if I make one huge mistake, that the result will negatively impact everything that follows.

I know all of this sounds a bit extreme and maybe I’m exaggerating just a bit, but the fear of getting stuck in a downpour is debilitating. The phrase “when it rains, it pours” has proven to be true in my life time and time again so I have a few tips that might help weather the storm.

Plan for the worst, but hope for the best.
I think it’s really important to keep one foot in reality at all times just so you aren’t thrown for a loop when something doesn’t pan out the way you envisioned it. For me, scheduling a few clients months in advance and saving a little more from each paycheck has really helped when my schedule gets disrupted.

This too shall pass.
Not all downpours or tornados can last forever, right? So grab an umbrella or hefty rain jacket and weather the storm. I have found that pursuing personal projects that I’m extremely passionate about can help redirect my attention towards things that I can control. Always remember, “This too shall pass.”

Ask for help.
When times get a little too overwhelming (or even underwhelming), this is the perfect opportunity to tap into to your network of friends and family. Gaining an outside perspective might be the only thing you need to spark your motivation. You’ll be amazed how many people come out of the woodworks offering to help when you simply ask for assistance or guidance.

Keep an eye out for rainbows.
Be prepared for what I like to call the “reverse effect.” This is when the skies clear, the planets align and you are found with more work or more inspiration than you know what to do with. This is plus side of Newton’s Third Law “for every action, there is an equal and opposite re-action.” Be aware of this inevitable truth and try to ease yourself back into a comfortable balance of steady work. Knowing your limits on both ends of success is a really powerful tool in crafting the perfect workflow for your business.

Cassie of Veda House is a graphic designer & photo stylist who is inspired by simplicity with a natural infusion. When she’s not listening to Reggae music or taking long baths, she’s sharing moments of life on Instagram.

Image credit: Cassie