Evernote Guide for Organized Creatives: Clients and Projects in One Place

Creatives are gatherers. Inspiration, articles, photos, podcasts, videos – we love too many things, and that’s a good thing! All of it mixes together in our giant brain cauldrons, sparking new connections and big ideas.

But it gets overwhelming, quickly.

Like when you can’t remember where you saved that perfect thing. Is it on Pinterest? Maybe in my bookmarks? Favorited on Twitter? Emailed to myself? GAH.

Why should Evernote and Creatives get all XOXO?

  • It stores your entire creative life in one place.
  • It syncs across all your devices.
  • Quickly search and find that perfect article you saved forever ago.
  • The Web Clipper browser extension will rock your world.
  • Turn handwritten notes, sketches and PDFs into searchable text.
  • Collaborate with clients and other creatives with sharable Notes/Notebooks.

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Evernote Guide for Organized Creatives: Part One


Meet Taylor. She uses Evernote to organize all of her freelance clients and projects in one place.

A new coffee shop is opening downtown and the owner has hired Taylor to design their logo. This is how she uses Evernote to impress new clients, keep them in the loop and have projects run smoothly and efficiently from the beginning.


  1. Click the Notebook icon in the sidebar.
  2. Choose the grid view.
  3. Click the + New Notebook button.
  4. Label the first Notebook with Info.
  5. Add another Notebook and label this one with Status.

Screenshots from the Evernote desktop app for Mac. View full-size image.


  1. Drag and drop the Status Notebook onto the Info Notebook. A new Stack containing both Notebooks will be created automatically.
  2. Rename the new Stack with the client’s name.

View full-size image.


  1. Double click on the Stack to view the Notebooks within.
  2. Double click on the Info Notebook to open it.
  3. Click the + New Note button (top-center).
  4. Label the new Note with “Contact Info.”

View full-size image.

In the “Contact Info” Note, Taylor saves her client’s name, phone number, login names/passwords, e-mail address and other contact information that she may need to reference later.

This is also a great place to save any contracts you have with this client. Simply drag and drop a PFD of your contract onto the Info Notebook and it will automatically create a new Note within that Notebook with the PDF content.

Note: PDFs and images become searchable in Evernote (with a Premium account). This is really handy when you want to find a particular section of your contract or search for a handwritten note you scanned in from your sketchbook.


  1. In the Notebooks view, click the + New Notebook button (top left).
  2. Label the Notebook with the project name.
  3. Drag the new Notebook into the client Stack.

For Taylor’s logo project, this is where she’ll save all her research, inspiration, creative brief, background notes, photos, ideas and sketches as new Notes within her Logo Notebook.

View full-size image.

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  1. Erica

    Love this!! So easy and clear with the screenshots. Can’t wait to see more, guys.

    • Thanks, Erica! I tried Evernote a few years ago and didn’t know what to use it for then. Now I can’t get enough.

  2. This is really useful! I lead a team of creatives and I use Evernote all the time. I’ve written several post on evernote on my own blog. Thanks for sharing.

    • I just finished reading your post about using tags to organized Evernote content and it has my wheels turning. Will definitely be experimenting with those more. Thanks so much, Adam.

  3. Great content. Very useful. Thank you!

  4. Todd Richards

    Great article that gave me some nice ideas for managing clients/projects. I started to set up my own system, then realized that Evernote requires unique notebook names (this really needs to get fixed). I’d be interested to hear how you deal with this, say if you have Client A and Client B. In the past I had a “Clients” stack with a notebook within for each client. Then everything kind of went inside the respective notebook. However, I liked your idea of organizing, esp. with clients who have repeat business (aka multiple projects).

    • Hey, Todd! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really wish Evernote allowed for multiple Notebooks to be named the same thing. There are ways around it, like you mentioned, and I’m testing a few ideas out that I’ll be sharing in a future post. It’ll be some combination of “status.projectname” but I’d prefer to use shorter Notebook names within Stacks to keep things simplified.