Is your passion project still a passion?

You’re a spirited, passionate type. And, like most creatives, doing it all seems like a totally legit goal when you’re fired up about a new idea. You commit to making time to work on it every single night. Weekends too, if that’s what it takes (and it usually does). To keep the spark alive (or… read more

A File Organizing Guide for Bloggers

Pop quiz! Which answer best describes your file organizing system? Imagine the aftermath of a 3-year-old’s birthday party. I can find things … sometimes … using the search feature. Saving every file to my desktop counts, right? Girl, I’m a folder-making, file-naming ninja. A’s, B’s and C’s, this post is for you. (Hey, D’s. My kindred… read more

Evernote Guide for Organized Creatives: Sharing Status Updates

Last week, we walked through an example of how a freelance graphic designer (her name’s Taylor) can use Evernote to organize and manage a logo project from a new client. So far, Taylor’s created three Notebooks in Evernote called Info, Status and Logo that are saved inside a Stack labeled with her client’s name, Coffee… read more

Lessons in Flexibility From An Obsessive Planner

Have you ever started a creative project, then realized halfway through that it wasn’t turning out the way you had planned?  As creatives, we love getting zapped with that first burst of inspiration for a new project. Once you begin to give an idea your time and energy, it’s very easy to cling to the original… read more

2-step Action Plan for Tackling Information Overload

Creatives are natural gatherers. Why do you think Pinterest is so popular? We happily spend hours gathering things that express who we are, what we value and who we want to be. Dozens of Pinterest boards later, and the urgency to gather teeters on the edge of obsession. More quotes. More interiors. More outfits. More… read more