Saying yes to launching a new venture.

A couple of full-time opportunities have come my way over the past two years as a freelance designer. Each offer has tempted me, more than I care to admit. Money buys pretty things! We could do so much with that steady paycheck. Am I being a ridiculous dreamer? So I sit down, close my eyes… read more


After buzzing off all my hair in November, I decided to let my locks just do their thing. If they want to poof out in a million directions like Medusa, so be it. No trimming, no sticky products and no hairspray fire hazards.   I’ll admit, this hands-off approach isn’t for the faint of heart…. read more

When I decided to be a designer

I was sitting in 4th-hour AP English class when my brain exploded.Not literally, that’d be gross, but in that moment it felt like five thousand record players were coming to a screeching halt. My teacher had asked the (deceptively) innocent question: What are you going to major in when you go to college? How was… read more

My Letter

This is an excerpt from my Letter to My Future Self. I didn’t worry about grammar or sentence structure, I just wrote. Dear Krystle,   2013 was a year of change, reflection, heartbreak and courage. You realized that life is fragile and that you must take advantage of your time here and pursue a life… read more

End of Year Reflections: Part 1

I’ve been thinking about the resolutions that I’ve made over the years. One year Ryan and I decided to go vegan for the whole month of January. That also happened to be the month that my sister was staying with us. Wasn’t that fun, meat-loving sister? The pizza withdrawal dreams were intense, but we begrudgingly… read more

Introducing “My Best Year Yet Calendar + Guide”

I’ve collaborated with the talented Andrea Genevieve Michnik to create My Best Year Yet Calendar + Guide. Andrea approached me a few months ago because she had an idea that she’d been kicking around to create a downloadable calendar for female entrepreneurs or those who aspire to launch their own business. Erin introduced her to me because… read more


Hair collected at my feet as Ryan (my supportive husband) buzzed off the scraggly remains of my ponytail. Maybe I was a bit delirious, but all I could visualize in that moment was ceremoniously throwing all of my hair ties into a fire and warrior crying at the top of my lungs. I’m donating Beast… read more