Throughout January, we are offering the entire series of Passion Printables as a free download. We hope you find these to be inspiring as you continue on your own creative journey.

Passion Printables Collection

As we turn the page on the new year, I thought it was a good time to revisit, review and refresh my collection of printables that I have created over the past few years. Introducing: Passion Printables Collection Organize and Energize Your Creative Life I began the Passion Printables Collection with a simple idea – putting pen to paper… read more

For quote-capturing bookworms and word nerds.

The crisp, white pages. The smell of worn paper. The feeling you get when you finish one and wished it never ended. Books. Despite the growing use of tablets, Ryan and I still prefer flipping through the pages of a real book. It’s comforting. Add a hot (spiked) beverage and that’s what I’d call a perfect… read more

A Plant Lover's Garden Plan

A Plant Lover’s Garden Plan

  I think we can all agree that winter is no longer welcome here. Now that the snow is starting to (finally) melt, I’m anxious to spend more than five minutes outdoors without getting frostbite. In this month’s Passion Printable newsletter, I open up about planning my very first garden. Not knowing where to start,… read more

Tackling the Grocery List

Are you a grocery shopping zen master or do you do the aisle-by-aisle mad dash? Before my husband, Ryan, and I created the grocery list system that we use now, grocery shopping was a big pain in the butt. Our grocery list was haphazard, we’d forget things all the time and meal planning was done… read more

Letter to My Future Self

I started writing letters to my future self while I was in middle school. Each letter started with “Dear Krystle” across the top and I’d write these lengthy, second-person pep talks to myself. I was convinced that these letters would allow me to travel through time to visit my past and future selves. Seriously, physics… read more

End of Year Reflections

These are a few of my answers to my 2013 End of Year Reflections printable. It’s not easy thinking about the challenges that I’ve faced this year, but I’ve found that the biggest lessons are stitched into the seams of high highs meeting low lows. Challenges come along and force us to make changes. We stop everything… read more

Passion Printables

Over the past year, you’ve inspired me to create work that I’m proud of, and for your support I’d like to say THANK YOU. With this monthly printable series, you’ve invited me into your lives to share my thoughts on gratitude, love, curiosity, creativity and pursuing our passions. What once was only referred to as… read more