Happy Muses 101: Free Ebook

Stop letting tasky stuff dominate your best creative hours. Getting organized can help you to be more productive, efficient and focused. Creativity takes time, so learning to blast through your to-do list will allow you more time for dreaming, scheming and making. Sign up and download our Happy Muses 101 ebook: A Guide to Getting Organized for Busy Creatives Name:… read more

Automatically add your biggest fans to a Twitter list.

Have you started using Twitter lists to connect with and celebrate your biggest fans? We have, and it’s been a blast getting to know so many talented people. Social media can be a lot of look-at-me’s, but with a little effort and a lot of intention, creatives can learn more about and support each other…. read more

Happy Muses 101: Recap

Thank you for joining us here for the past ten weeks as we shared one simple tip each week to help you get more organized. Did our tips help to save you time (and frustration) in your daily routine? Let us know in the comments or share on Twitter: I’m spending LESS time on tasky stuff and MORE time… read more

How to finally get started on your passion project.

Last week, you learned what questions to ask to help you prioritize your daily to-do list. But how do you get started on your passion projects when you feel like you don’t have any extra time? Some of the most important things in a creative’s life are those passion projects that nobody’s asking for. As… read more

How to prioritize your daily to-do list.

Last week, you started tracking your tax deductions like a pro. Now let’s tackle your to-do list. There’s so much on my plate. Where do I start? Start simple – make a list. If you’ve made evening and morning check-ins a part of your daily routine, you’re already ahead of the game. With your to-do… read more

A creative’s guide to tracking tax deductions.

Last week, you tried a super simple trick for managing paper clutter. With that under control, what else is stressing you out? Could it be taxes? After three years of freelancing, I can honestly say that taxes don’t freak me out. Why? Because I created an easy system that tracks tax deductions along the way…. read more

A super simple trick for managing paper clutter.

Last week, you made a brand guide so the files you reference most often are in a handy place. While it’s important to organize your digital world, it’s equally (if not more) important to get your physical work space in order. For me, paper clutter equals brain clutter. Do you have a hard time concentrating… read more