Feeling stormy.

I call it “feeling stormy.” No matter how many self-help practices we infuse into our daily lives to avoid the mental storms, they roll in anyways. And I’m wondering if that’s actually a good thing. Maybe anxiety, frustration, overwhelm, guilt, restlessness and fear are all essential to living a joyous life. They provide a down… read more

Light needs darkness as a way to mark her growth.

“Light needs darkness as a way to mark her growth.” This was originally from a poem I wrote about the changing seasons in Michigan, but this particular line has been stuck in my head lately. – I had a hard cry a couple nights ago. It feels important for me to share this because I… read more


Let’s create things that make the world awesome. These words have become a rallying cry for Happy Muses, and myself. Little things. Big things. It all counts. So I had this idea. It’s called #happynotes. The idea is to share a note with someone that you: – Love – Admire – Are inspired by – Are grateful… read more