Find Your Simple #4: Focus on the Essentials

You want a simpler life, with more time and less stress. Like many people, you’re probably feeling tired and overwhelmed. But as a creative, you’ve been living with an added curse/blessing: a fiery passion to create. And that adds an extra (spicy) layer to simplifying. Because simplifying is more than just getting back to the… read more

Find Your Simple #3: Let Go of Mental Clutter

My brain feels so full. When I do have “downtime” I’d rather sit on the couch and stare into my phone than figure out how to make my situation better. . It can feel overwhelming to figure out what to keep and what to let go of in your life. That’s why I wanted the first… read more

Find Your Simple #2: Get Clear on What Truly Matters

In Step 1 of the Find Your Simple series, I had you question your creative intentions by answering a series of questions: When was the last time I felt alive with creativity? What am I not doing that I wish I were? What is my biggest regret in my creative life? If I won the lottery… read more

Find Your Simple #1: Ask Yourself The Right Questions

I wake up every morning and I already feel behind. Work, errands, chores … they take up all of my time. I’m feeling stuck, and anything but creative. How will I ever break this vicious cycle? . Time – the magical thing we all wish we had more of. When things get really busy, our… read more