Feeling stormy.

I call it “feeling stormy.” No matter how many self-help practices we infuse into our daily lives to avoid the mental storms, they roll in anyways. And I’m wondering if that’s actually a good thing. Maybe anxiety, frustration, overwhelm, guilt, restlessness and fear are all essential to living a joyous life. They provide a down… read more

The most important project of my life (so far).

I can pinpoint the moment that sparked the most important project of my life (so far). On November 19th, 2012 I published a post about my fear of making phone calls. In 180 words I was able to release what had been crammed in my head for a long time, and instead of feeling embarrassed,… read more

One thing we can all work on

Hey! How are you? Good. Me too. It’s easier to say “I’m good.” “I’m good” avoids being vulnerable. “I’m good” is quick and painless. But not really. It can be incredibly painful when you’re not actually good. I find myself doing this because I’m afraid of burdening you with my struggles. Why bring you down when I can… read more

Ready. Not ready.

Long, deep breaths. The air smelled (and tasted) like spray mount and I couldn’t decide if I liked it or not. Fitting because I also couldn’t figure out how I felt about graduating from design school. Ready. Not ready. My shoes stuck to the studio floor as I took one last walk around. For busy… read more

I’m afraid of sharing too much…or not enough.

This is one of many Fear Confessions in which creatives share personal stories about facing their fears. Let’s celebrate vulnerability with Erica Midkiff as she shares her fear of sharing too much…or not enough. I’m a researcher, an observer, a fact collector—which means that my default is to read a situation and then see how I can fit into it, or… read more