How to create a time-saving brand guide.

Last week, you learned how to create templates for just about everything you do. Another thing to keep handy is a brand guide for your creative project or business. Don’t worry, you don’t need to add another time-consuming thing to your to-do list. My version of a brand guide is super easy to make. Try this:… read more

How to make a template for just about anything.

Last week, you learned how to stay productive and focused with a “read later” app. But what happens if I can’t get focused to begin with? A big challenge that a lot of creatives face is getting started. Beating inertia is easier when you’re not starting from scratch. That’s where templates can rock your world…. read more

How to get out of your inbox and into your art.

Last week, we powered through inertia because a plan doesn’t have to be this big, complicated thing. Speaking of complicated, your inbox doesn’t have to be either. Most emails fall into four categories: quick reply, delete, archive or to-do. Jam through an inbox full of these by setting a timer, staying focused and keeping it simple. The real… read more