After buzzing off all my hair in November, I decided to let my locks just do their thing. If they want to poof out in a million directions like Medusa, so be it. No trimming, no sticky products and no hairspray fire hazards.   I’ll admit, this hands-off approach isn’t for the faint of heart…. read more

When I decided to be a designer

I was sitting in 4th-hour AP English class when my brain exploded.Not literally, that’d be gross, but in that moment it felt like five thousand record players were coming to a screeching halt. My teacher had asked the (deceptively) innocent question: What are you going to major in when you go to college? How was… read more

Tackling the Grocery List

Are you a grocery shopping zen master or do you do the aisle-by-aisle mad dash? Before my husband, Ryan, and I created the grocery list system that we use now, grocery shopping was a big pain in the butt. Our grocery list was haphazard, we’d forget things all the time and meal planning was done… read more

I’m afraid of success.

I don’t know how many of you out there have dealt with this fear of mine (which I recently uncovered). It’s actually a fear that I tend to push to the side and pretend doesn’t exist. I even started out writing this post by talking about another one of my fears instead of this one…. read more