I’m afraid of disappointing my dream client.

An email arrives in my inbox and my heart flutters. My “dream client” is interested in hiring me to design for their amazing new business! As I press send on my response, excitement turns to nerves as I start questioning everything. Is this email too long, too short, too much detail, not enough? Will it… read more


I’ve been drawing things my whole life, but two years ago I became obsessed with doodling on sticky notes. “I need to draw that” even became a normal part of my conversations. I thought it’d be fun to share these doodles with you, starting with one of the classics (and my favorites) – ⌘Z.

What I’ve been up to

I’ve joined the rat race again … sort of.I’m freelance art directing full-time for an ad agency where a lot of my friends work. Last time I worked in an office (with other humans) I had a 6-minute commute and we owned two cars. This time around I’m driving over an hour each way to… read more

My Big Revelation

My bags were packed, my alarm was set for 2 a.m. and I had a bad case of monkey mind. My ridiculously early flight from Detroit was stopping in Dallas on its way to Palm Springs for Designer Vaca, and I was distracted by visions of missing my flight, forgetting my bags or sleeping through… read more