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I love the idea of creating rule systems for personal projects. Kate Bingaman Burt is really good at doing this with her work. So the other day, I had the idea to do a just-because project that starts with a white 5″ x 8″ index card. I can do whatever I want to it – fold,… read more


Walking through the woods at dusk can end one of two ways: getting murdered by a chainsaw-equipped lunatic OR peacefully enjoying a Michigan sunset. The hum of power lines and chatter of woodland creatures luckily replaced any chance of a power (tool) ballad. Quiet moments like this inspire me to write without a plan –… read more

I’m afraid of my body.

I’m afraid of my body. To be more specific, I am afraid of the untimely death of my body. I’m afraid that my body will fail me. That it will, despite my efforts to care for it, give up and become another causality of my bright and beautiful – yet frail – genetic code. I’m… read more

Life Lesson Refresh

A commitment to lifelong learning. It’s backpack season again. I always preferred a little one-shoulder bag because it made for an accurate freshman smacker in the hall. I kid, I kid. I was a pretty good sport in school, mostly because I got a thrill from back-to-school shopping, but also because I love learning. Wicca-wicca-what?… read more

I’m afraid of The Crack of Doom.

I’ve led a pretty charmed life. I grew up in a small college town in the midwest where my mom let me eat raw cookie dough and play out in the woods all day, completely unsupervised. My dad still plays grab-ass with my mom after 40+ years of marriage. I see them every weekend at… read more