My So-Called Emoji Life

I noticed that my recently used Emoji screen is an insightful peek into my life. Pizza, poop, banana, skull – yup, that about covers it. Anyone else use the kissy face way too much? We moved this past weekend. Rewind a year ago when I said I’d never move right after I got married because… read more

I’m afraid of information overload.

Having a creative business is super hard work. Hello 60-hour work week! There’s the actual creative projects that need to be completed, but there’s also accounting, marketing, social media, sales, promotions, networking, proposals and I will stop the list there. You get the idea. And for me, add a 3-year-old into the mix. I spend at least 2 hours… read more

Our Rustic Chic Wedding: The Cake

It’s been almost 5 weeks since we got hitched. Looking through the pictures is like experiencing all the details in slow motion, since the actual day felt like a whirlwind. We’d like to share our favorite wedding details with you, starting with THE CAKE. Our friend Melanie makes cakes. Sure, sure, lots of people make… read more

I’m afraid of freak accidents.

When I was a wee, feisty nine year old, some many, but not so many, years ago, my dramatic flair almost cost me a finger. In a fit of despair, I raced out our front door too fast, slamming my finger shut. It hurt soooo bad. A whole layer of skin dangled by a thread… read more

A Book Lover’s Reading Journal

For bookmarking + epiphanies. Since I can’t make it through two pages of Daring Greatly without writing down ideas, I really need this. It also has lots of fun things like: • a reminder to send a love note to the author • a star rating system • a reading list • an epiphany / quote /… read more

I’m afraid of turning into a Tasmanian Devil.

I’ll be honest. I have a problem with crowds. Not necessarily every individual person that makes up a crowd; but there are specific elements that seem to stand out. I have tended to give people en masse a wide berth for as long as I can remember. I never hung out in a big crowd… read more