The story behind my proudest achievement

Raise your hand if you love road trips. Now raise both hands if you traveled as a youngster with your family and played road games together, packed picnic lunches and pulled over on scenic drives to take pictures. Welcome to my childhood summers. Every year my family picked a new destination around the U.S., hitched… read more

I’m afraid of the unknown.

I like to follow a set path, with structure and a defined endpoint. I like knowing what the next step is going to be. I like being able to look at a project and know how it’s going to finish. My life – and the life of my family – has been turned upside down in the… read more

12 tips for navigating design school

I graduated from The School of Art at WMU in 2007 with my BFA in graphic design. Before applying for the design program, I spent a year taking prerequisite art classes and lugged a 15-pound portfolio around. Each year the design program accepts 20 students to participate in their intense, 3-year program. I have a… read more

I’m afraid no one will show up.

What if … I spend months and months pouring my heart and soul into creating a product, but when it comes time to “Sell! Sell! Sell!” I hear only the chirps of internet crickets (they are slightly smaller than the average cricket but much louder, projecting their sound to every insecure corner of the world)…. read more

I’m afraid of “falling behind.”

Maybe it’s an oldest-child thing, my need to do All The Things first (or as soon as possible). Education, career, marriage, house, international vacations, babies, etc. – I keep them all in an often-visited, often-anguished-over mental checklist. (Though – that checklist part might be more of a Virgo thing.) Whenever I hear news of someone else… read more

Illustration for Paper & Honey

Laura won my kick-ass about page illustration giveaway and happily signed on to be my test subject as I worked through my new illustration process. Bwahaha, brave soul! Together, we conceptualized a piece that beamed personality and meaning, blended with her current brand and was a ton of fun to illustrate. “After humming and hawing about… read more

I’m afraid of disappointing others.

Growing up, I was always one of those good kids. I rarely got into trouble, was an All “A” Student, a talented band geek and voted “most artistic” in senior mock elections. The rare times I did get in trouble, my parents or teachers said the dreaded, “I’m disappointed.” It immediately crushed me, then motivated… read more