5 things that lonely bloggers need to hear

Give the biggest crap of all. I thought about rewriting that, but the reality is I like a good poop joke. What I really mean is, be your own biggest fan. Trust me, it’s tough on days when your inbox, comments and likes are all at zero. An emo-sode of “no one cares” and “why… read more

I’m afraid of mice.

I used to love small, cute, baby-faced rodents. I owned a succession of hamsters as a kid: Punchy, Punchy 2, Punchy 3. And they were followed by a short line of Funkys. These adorable little beings all passed on in pretty unfortunate ways. One was played to death by our cocker spaniel. Another got his… read more

I’m afraid of getting back into blogging.

Yep, here I sit, writing a blog post about how much blogging scares me, knowing full well that it didn’t always do so. I’ve been writing stories of some kind for as long as I’ve been able to string words together, some of them true stories, some of them fantasy. I began to blog in… read more

Farmers Market Guide

May is one of my favorite months because the farmers market starts and that means strawberry/rhubarb pie. Top it with vanilla ice cream and “you’ll have what she’s having” … if you know what I mean. I designed this farmers market guide to include tips, online resources and a list of what’s in season in… read more


I wasn’t going to share this story with anyone, but I believe it’s just as important to talk about our failures as it is our successes. I’ll just say it. My craft show experience was an epic fail. I lugged 300 journals and 4 handpainted chalkboard globes to the show – and sold one journal…. read more


My quit-versary was in March, and (being so preoccupied with to-do lists) it came and went without much notice. I have to laugh at myself because that’s one of the reasons I quit. Agency work is mostly reactive and after a while that really sucks the magic out of you. Even for me, who strangely… read more