I’m afraid I’m still figuring it out.

THE DIFFERENCE I want to tell you a story about fear; I have so many from which to choose. I can tell you the one that makes my fingers hide into my palms, fear that everyone will unfurl from me like leaves from autumn branches. Although, being alone never leaves me shaking my head and… read more

4 Tips for Creating A Kick-ass About Page

How to tell if your About page needs help? • Pixely, old image of yourself. • No visuals. • It’s stuffy and boring. • It’s written in third person. • It sounds like a resumé. • It makes you sad. Can you do something for me? Raise your right hand and say these words, “I… read more

I’m afraid of myself.

What are you afraid of? That’s kind of a loaded question, don’t you think? We all have fears, lots of them probably. I could talk to you all day about petty things that scare me – driving in a city I’ve never been to before, going to a party alone, public speaking, spiders, the list… read more

Studio Play Sessions: #1

Studio Play Sessions is a new series devoted to sharing my experiments with unusual materials and techniques. This droplet pattern was originally part of My Pattern Project on my previous blog, but I thought it’d be the perfect experiment to kick this off with. I can’t get over how these droplets look like tiny moon domes. The top image… read more

Paper Fort Creative – Launch

I’m geeked out of my brain about launching Paper Fort Creative today. This new part of my business, focused on illustration + design, is where my passion parties.My portfolio is a little different then most. Instead of listing my services I’ve decided to pull together a list of my dream projects. It’s my way of telling the… read more

I’m afraid of commitment.

No, not the marital kind of commitment – I’ve been happily married to my husband for over two years and it was not at all difficult to say yes to this one. In fact, I think I’ll keep him. I’m talking about the “I’m going to call myself something and that means that I have… read more

My first craft show

  Should I participate in a local craft show? The nonsense that went on inside my head: • I have no idea what to expect. • I only have one product. • There’s a fee. • It’s one more thing to figure out. • How am I going to decorate an 8’ table? • I… read more