Photo Crasher

  I expected this 365-day Challenge to be a big pain in my bottom, but so far it’s been really fun. Watson the cat thinks so too. Happy Friday everyone.

Home Refresh 2013

Welcome, 2013. Hooray for surviving a Mayan prophecy! How was your December? Did you use the Gratitude Starter Kit printable? I wrote a letter to my parents telling them all the reasons I’m grateful for them and my mom left me a happy/cry message. Gratitude is a powerful thing. This printable includes 3 of my… read more

In & Out of Focus

Image: part of my 365-day Challenge. Click-click-click sang my SLR as the dial turned over to manual mode. For something I’ve put off for months, it took less than a hour to take a decent shot. Less. Than. An. Hour. Inhaling darkroom fumes in college wasn’t for nothing. I remember things! I’m looking forward to finding… read more