Starting my business: A tale of irritation and triumph

A step-by-step report of how I formed my business. I began my journey with no knowledge of how to start a business, but I went for it anyway. My success story is proof that you should never let anything, especially paperwork, get in the way of your dreams. If terms like sole proprietorship, LLC and… read more

I’m afraid of grasshoppers.

Super Soaker battles. Mortal Kombat tournaments. Nerf gun standoffs. My childhood was not normal for a little girl. I grew up with three rough and rowdy brothers who often turned our suburban neighborhood into a war zone, racing track, or wild west. While they went on their medieval quests and space missions to test each… read more

The aftermath of “I quit”

“I quit.” These words had jousted in my head for years, but hearing them out loud felt foreign and unrehearsed. Ten months ago, I made a commitment. I pledged to follow my passions and prove to myself that there was more to life than waiting for the weekend. I thought about my childhood and how… read more

Lemony Green Smoothie

When my bones start creaking I know it’s time to review my wellness checklist: Did I drink enough water today? Have I eaten anything fresh? What about any greens? Am I living on processed crap? Have I used my expensive gym membership? No, no, no, yes and no. Fail. Green smoothie to the rescue! Lemony… read more

I’m afraid of success.

I’ve always been a big dreamer. Two weeks after starting karate lessons, I started looking up tournaments, dreaming of my black belt. Less than a month after the first time I ever used Adobe Illustrator, I dreamed of being a surface pattern designer and entered a contest. Dreaming big and believing I can accomplish my goals… read more

3 P.M. Power Smoothie Recipe

By 3 p.m. every day I’m foraging through the cupboards in search of a snack. Usually I crave salty and crunchy, but this time I wanted something with chocolate and peanut butter (the most satisfying combination of flavors in the universe).3 P.M. Power Smoothie 1 frozen banana 3 ice cubes 1 tablespoon peanut butter 1 scoop protein powder 1/2… read more

I’m afraid of not being good enough.

I remember putting my charcoal drawing up against the wall with everyone else’s. In art classes, you have to get used to having your work critiqued. I was proud of my drawing but, compared to others on the wall, I knew it was not the best. I was in college studying graphic design, and drawing… read more

Natural light

This week I appreciated the simple beauty of natural light. Michigan winters are layers of gray with a spritz of gloom, but this week the sun has shown up. I’m going shopping for my wedding dress on Saturday. I’ve already fallen in love with this one but I thought my mom could use a shopping day with her one-hour-in-public-and-I’m-cranky… read more