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The Gratitude Starter Kit

I didn’t realize how much I had to be grateful for until I sat down and wrote about it. I started with the big things, like health and family, but most of my list fell into the “little things” category. I’m thankful for: • waking up without an alarm • having goofy conversations • hot… read more

Free Shipping Weekend

Looking for the perfect gift for a young niece, daughter, cousin or granddaughter? Our Away She Goes Travel Journal will inspire her to: • pack her own suitcase (learn responsibility!) • think creatively: drawing and writing • be curious and ask questions • go on adventures • learn about other places/cultures • play games with… read more

I’m afraid to make phone calls.

My armpits feel sweaty as I push the phone around in my hand. I look down at the sticky note where I’ve scribbled the number. The ink is smeared a little and I start to panic.”Did I write the number down right?!” Listening to my voicemail for the hundredth time confirms: yes, it’s the right… read more

Bigger than a brand

I needed a kick in the pajama bottoms this morning, and (as always) the Internet granted my wish. This time with a video of a sassy man in white pants named Jonathan Adler. My professional background is in advertising, so when Mr. Adler says stuff like … … mind-numbing screeches fill my head as if… read more