My to-don’t List

A to-don’t list is just as important as a to-do list.Time-suck activities leave me feeling icky, like I need a good brain scrubbing afterward. Things like checking email every five minutes, or getting lost in a never-ending-blog-reading frenzy. An hour or two goes by and I haven’t inched forward in any of the important things…. read more


Photos: Shawn Hamer  /  Model: Quincy Hamer  /  Art direction + Styling: Krystle Lilliestierna I’d like to show you what I’ve been working on for the last six months – an illustrated travel journal for girls. It’s called: Away She Goes Travel Journal – U.S. Road Trip Edition It’s a journal, but it’s also a… read more

On a Mission (Statement)

I rewrote my mission statement close to 50 times.  My first attempt was wordy, unfocused and in desperate need of “oomph.” How difficult could it be to describe the purpose, dreams and ambitions of my business? Briefly? In a memorable snippet of awesome …What if I wrote myself into a corner? Could I hold my… read more

Launching head first

Seven months ago I was an ad agency art director. I was good at my job and enjoyed the people I worked with. I made enough money to take fabulous vacations and shop at Whole Foods, so overall it appeared that I had it made. How did I know it was time to leave my… read more